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Chimney Repairs

Lead Flashing

Chimney repairs UK

Chimney repointing and refitting chimney flashing to weatherproof your chimney

Chimney Repairs

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Roofing and Guttering UK

Gutter Repairs

Roof Repairs

Roof repairs to replace loose roofing tiles and slates on pitched roofs that have slipped or cracked due to high winds, storms or snow

Loft Conversions

Loft conversions provide the ideal opportunity to increase your living space without moving home and by fitting a dormer roof you can increase the available loft space for a loft bedroom, office or utility space

Chimney Repointing

Old chimneys have to withstand the weather on all sides while coping with the combustion chemicals that are released from a gas, wood, coal or oil fire
The old mortar can crumble and joints in the brickwork need to be raked and repointed with fresh mortar
Lead flashing can also work loose and need to be replaced or repaired to make a weather tight seal around the base of the chimney

Flat Roof Repairs or Replacement

Most felt roofs can last 10 years or more but eventually become brittle due to oxidation and ultra-violet light and blister due to Summer heat then eventually small cracks occur that cause leaks; Mechanical damage can also occur as sharp objects press into the felt surface

Gutter Repairs

uPVC guttering eventually becomes brittle as sunlight slowly alters the polymer and makes it go brittle causing discoloration and cracks, also the high thermal stressess in Summer can loosen the joints between section of guttering causing leaks to develop that may lead to penetrating damp

Ridge Tile Securing

The ridge tiles running along he apex of the roof or usually seated on a bed of soft mortar and eventually the ridge tile work loose and need the ridge tiles removed and refitted onto fresh mortar

Lead Flashing Repairs: UK

Flashing repairs for UK; to replace or repair sections of lead flashing that has worked loose or developed leaks

UK Roofing: Emergency Roof Repairs

Keep out the rain and snow with regular roof maintenance by a UK roofer to replace missing or damaged tiles

UK Cladding: Soffits and Fascia

Soffits and Fascias UK; replace rotting or loose wooden fascias and soffits with low maintenance uPVC or keep to a traditional painted wood system

UK Gutter & Drainpipe Replacement

Gutter and drainpipe repairs for UK; to install new guttering systems and simply replace or re-attach loose/damaged gutter or drainpipe sections

UK Roofing: Stripping Slate & Tile Roofs

Replacement roofs for UK: The old roof is removed and weather-proofed with a new layer of waterproof roofing felt, new wood battens are fitted and the best of the old roof tiles are reused to save on roof replacement costs

Repoint Ridge Tiles: UK

Houses in UK need the ridge tiles repointed or even removed and refitted as the tiles eventually work loose due to temperature changes and roof movement

UK Roofing: Felt Roof Repairs

Houses in UK with flat roofs may need the felt patched or repaired to stop leaks caused by cracking or stone damage