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Gutters and Drainpipes

Guttering Chulmleigh

Professional roofing repairs supplying and Fitting new gutters in Chulmleigh EX18

New Gutters

Roof Hip Irons

Hip Iron

Hip Iron Replacement Chulmleigh

Hip tiles are fitted at the edges of 2 pitched roof planes and may fall to the ground without an angled hip iron keeping them; the hip irons will rust needing replacement

Chimney Repairs

Chimney Repairs

Lead Flashing Repairs

Chimney repairs Chulmleigh

Repointing chimney stack & repairing chimney flashing to maintain the integrity of your chimney

Chimney Repairs

Roof Repairs: Chulmleigh

Roof Repairs to replace slipped roof tiles and slate removed due to wind and stormy weather creating leaks

Repair To Flashing: Chulmleigh

Houses in Chulmleigh with damaged or loose flashing can develop leaks if the lead flashing is not resecured

Chulmleigh: Roof Repairs (Slipped Tiles and Slates)

Create a weather tight roof covering by replacing missing or damaged roof tiles and slates

Roof Stripping and Replacement: Chulmleigh

Stripping old and tired slate or tiled roofs in Chulmleigh allows for installing a new weatherproof roofing felt while replacing any rotting or damaged battens and rafters before replacing the existing tiles with fresh nails

Chulmleigh Roofing: uPVC Soffits and Fascas

Replace old wooden soffits, fascia and cladding with low maintenance uPVC systems for a new roof line in Chulmleigh

Repair To Flat Roof: Chulmleigh

Repair flat felt roofs and garage roofs in Chulmleigh by patching the roofing felt for an effective seal

Chulmleigh Roofing: Replace Mortar for Ridge Tiles

Loose ridge tiles rebedded using fresh mortar as part of the general roof maintenance in the Chulmleigh area to help keep your roof weather tight

Chulmleigh Gutter & Drainpipe Replacement

Cracked gutters and broken or loose drainpipes replaced or repaired in Chulmleigh to get rid of those annoying drips and potential dampness