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Roofing Products Dagenham

Roof material companies covering Dagenham supply all popular roofing materials including roof tiles, roof trusses, roofing felt & skylight windows

Chimney Repairs

Roof Hip Irons

Hip Iron

New Hip Irons Fitted Dagenham

Hip tiles on hipped roofs are fixed at the edges of 2 sloping roof planes and can slide off without a metal bracket holding them; hip irons will corrode needing replacement

Chimney Repairs

Architectural Salvage

Architectural Reclamation

Reclaimed Roof Tiles Dagenham

Salvaged roofing products are a great choice for repairing missing tiles to ensure that new tiles don't stand out

Architectural Reclamation

Roof Repairs: Dagenham

Roofing repairs to replace slipped cement tiles and slate damaged by strong winds and wintery weather causing dampness

Repair Ridge Tiles: Dagenham

Ridge tiles often come loose from their mortar bed and need to be removed and refitted with a new bed of mortar to maintain a rain resistant roof

Dagenham Roofing: uPVC Soffits and Fascas

uPVC Cladding in Dagenham for replacement uPVC soffit and fascia systems to improve the look of your roof

Roof Repairs: Stripping and Recovering: Dagenham

Replacement roofs for Dagenham: The old roof is removed and weather-proofed with a new layer of waterproof roofing felt, new wood battens are fitted and the best of the old roof tiles are reused to save on roof replacement costs

Dagenham Guttering: Gutter Repairs

Cracked gutters and broken or loose drainpipes replaced or repaired in Dagenham to get rid of those annoying drips and potential dampness

Repair To Flashing: Dagenham

Flashing repairs for Dagenham; to replace or repair sections of lead flashing that has worked loose or developed leaks

Flat Roof Repairs: Dagenham

Repair small leaks in felt garage roofs and flat roofs to make a weathertight seal

Dagenham Roofer: Urgent Roof Repairs

Replace missing and slipped tiles to help maintain a weather tight roof covering