Roofing Enquiries

Chimney Repairs

Lead Flashing Repairs

Chimney repairs Guildford

Repointing chimney stack & repairing chimney flashing to restore the integrity of your chimney

Chimney Repairs


New Gutters

Guttering Guildford

Professional roof services Supply and Fit new guttering for Guildford

New Gutters

Roof Hip Irons

Hip Iron

Hip Iron Replacement Guildford

Hipped roof tiles are fixed at the joint of 2 sloped roof planes and may slide off without a hip iron keeping them; these brackets will weaken & have to be replaced

Chimney Repairs

Roof Repairs: Guildford

Roof Repairs to replace cracked clay tiles or slate tiles affected by wind or bad weather creating leaks

Guildford Roofing: Felt Roof Repairs

Repair flat felt roofs and garage roofs in Guildford by patching the roofing felt for an effective seal

Guildford: Roof Repairs (Ridge Tiles)

Houses in Guildford need the ridge tiles repointed or even removed and refitted as the tiles eventually work loose due to temperature changes and roof movement

Guildford Cladding, Soffits and Fascia

Replace old wooden soffits, fascia and cladding with low maintenance uPVC systems for a new roof line in Guildford

Guildford Roofer: Urgent Roof Repairs

Keep out the rain and snow with regular roof maintenance by a Guildford roofer to replace missing or damaged tiles

New Guttering Guildford

Guttering repairs in Guildford to prevent dampness and moss growth caused by leaking gutters and drainpipes

Lead Flashing Repairs: Guildford

Repairs to lead flashing on roofs, extensions and around chimneys in Guildford for a long lasting seal

Guildford Roofing Slate or Tile Stripping

Stripping old and tired slate or tiled roofs in Guildford allows for installing a new weatherproof roofing felt while replacing any rotting or damaged battens and rafters before replacing the existing tiles with fresh nails