Roofing Enquiries


New Gutters

Guttering Henley-on-Thames

Professional roofing repairs supplying and Fitting replacement guttering in Henley-on-Thames RG9

New Gutters

Architectural Salvage

Architectural Reclamation

Reclaimed Roofing Henley-on-Thames

Reclaimed roof tiles and slates are a great choice for matching missing tiles to ensure that obvious mismatches can be avoided

Architectural Reclamation

Chimney Repairs

Lead Flashing

Chimney repairs Henley-on-Thames

Chimney repointing and repairing lead flashing to weatherproof the integrity of your chimney

Chimney Repairs

Roof Repairs: Henley-on-Thames

Roof Repairs to refit cracked cement tiles or slate affected by gusting winds and wintery weather causing leaks

Henley-on-Thames Guttering: Gutter Repairs

Repairs to loose or damaged guttering & drainpipes in Henley-on-Thames for efficient rainwater removal

Fascias,Soffits & Cladding: Henley-on-Thames

Replace old wooden soffits, fascia and cladding with low maintenance uPVC systems for a new roof line in Henley-on-Thames

Henley-on-Thames Roofing: Emergency Roof Repairs

Keep out the rain and snow with regular roof maintenance by a Henley-on-Thames roofer to replace missing or damaged tiles

Repair Lead Flashing: Henley-on-Thames

Repairs to lead flashing on roofs, extensions and around chimneys in Henley-on-Thames for a long lasting seal

Repair Leaking Flat Roof: Henley-on-Thames

Patch repairs punctures and tears in a flat roof in Henley-on-Thames to stop leaks

Henley-on-Thames Roofer: Ridge Tiles Rebedded

Strong winds and bad weather in Henley-on-Thames can loosen ridge tiles from their mortar beds and allow rain, snow or frost to cause further damage if not maintained

Roof Stripping and Recovering: Henley-on-Thames

Roof replacement in Henley-on-Thames using your existing roof tiles: The roof is stripped bare before new roofing felt and battens are fitted and the good roof tiles are reused while weathered or damaged roof tiles are replaced