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Roofing Products Margate

Roofing and builder's merchants for Margate deliver all kinds of roofing products including roof tiles, timber trusses, roofing felt & ridge tiles

Chimney Repairs

Roof Hip Irons

Hip Iron

New Hip Irons Fitted Margate

Hip tiles are fitted along the meeting edge of 2 sloped roof sides and can slide off if not a hip iron keeping them; the hip irons eventually corrode & have to be replaced

Chimney Repairs

Skylight Installation

Velux™ Windows

Skylights Margate

Loft windows installed for Margate houses to let in natural light in the attic

Window Fitting

Roof Repairs: Margate

Roof Repairs to refit loose clay tiles or slate damaged by wind and wintery weather creating dampness

Margate Roofing: uPVC Soffits and Fascas

Roofing services for Margate: Soffit and Fascia repairs or full replacement cladding systems

Repair Ridge Tiles: Margate

Loose ridge tiles rebedded using fresh mortar as part of the general roof maintenance in the Margate area to help keep your roof weather tight

Margate Roofer: Urgent Roof Repairs

Keep out the rain and snow with regular roof maintenance by a Margate roofer to replace missing or damaged tiles

Lead Flashing Repairs: Margate

Lead flashing around chimneys and roof joints sometimes cracks or works loose and needs to be repaired or replaced

Margate Guttering: Gutter Repairs

Gutter and drainpipe repairs for Margate; to install new guttering systems and simply replace or re-attach loose/damaged gutter or drainpipe sections

Roof Stripping and Replacement: Margate

Stripping old and tired slate or tiled roofs in Margate allows for installing a new weatherproof roofing felt while replacing any rotting or damaged battens and rafters before replacing the existing tiles with fresh nails

Margate: Flat Roof Repairs

Houses in Margate with flat roofs may need the felt patched or repaired to stop leaks caused by cracking or stone damage