Roofing Enquiries

Roof Hip Irons

Corroded Hip Iron

Hip Iron Replacement Reigate

Hip tiles on hipped roofs are fitted at the joint of 2 sloping roof faces and may slip off if it wasn't for a metal bracket keeping them; the hip irons will weaken & have to be replaced

Chimney Repairs

Skylight Installation

Velux™ Windows

Skylights Reigate

Velux™ windows fitted in Reigate homes to have daylight into the loft

Window Fitting


New Gutters

Guttering Reigate

Specialist roof services Supply and Fit new gutters in Reigate RH1

New Gutters

Roof Repairs: Reigate

Roof Repairs to fit missing clay tiles and slate tiles damaged by gusting winds or stormy weather creating dampness

Roof Tiles Replaced Reigate

Slipped, cracked or missing roof tiles replaced in the Reigate area to help stop rain leaks

Reigate Roofing: Replace Mortar for Ridge Tiles

Strong winds and bad weather in Reigate can loosen ridge tiles from their mortar beds and allow rain, snow or frost to cause further damage if not maintained

Reigate Roofing: uPVC Soffits and Fascas

Replace wooden soffits, bargeboards and fascias with white uPVC systems to avoid regular painting and maintenance

Reigate: Flat Roof Repairs

Repair flat felt roofs and garage roofs in Reigate by patching the roofing felt for an effective seal

Reigate Guttering: Gutter Repairs

Cracked gutters and broken or loose drainpipes replaced or repaired in Reigate to get rid of those annoying drips and potential dampness

Roof Stripping and Recovering: Reigate

Roof Stripping in Reigate helps refurbish a roof ready for replacement without buying all new roof tiles; the old tiles are removed and new roofing felt and battens are fitted before replacing the best of your existing tiles

Reigate Roofer: Lead Flashing

Lead flashing around chimneys and roof joints sometimes cracks or works loose and needs to be repaired or replaced