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Chimney Repairs

Lead Flashing

Chimney repairs Roehampton

Chimney repointing & replacing chimney flashing to weatherproof the integrity of your chimney

Chimney Repairs

London Roofing


Roofing and Guttering Roehampton

Gutter Repairs

Roof Hip Irons

Hip Iron

Hip Iron Replacement Roehampton

Hipped roof tiles are fixed along the meeting edge of 2 sloping roof sides and may slip off without an angled hip iron holding them; these brackets ultimately weaken needing replacement

Chimney Repairs

Building Restoration

Listed Buildings

Grade I & Grade II Listed Buildings

Restoring a a conservation area construction might require Approval if renovations are not in keeping with the original construction, materials or colour

Chimney Repairs

Roof Repairs: Roehampton

Roof Repairs to refit slipped cement tiles or slate affected by wind and bad weather creating leaks

Repair To Flat Roof: Roehampton

Houses in Roehampton with flat roofs may need the felt patched or repaired to stop leaks caused by cracking or stone damage

Soffits,Fascias & Bargeboards: Roehampton

Soffits and Fascias Roehampton; replace rotting or loose wooden fascias and soffits with low maintenance uPVC or keep to a traditional painted wood system

Replacement Guttering Roehampton

Repairs to loose or damaged guttering & drainpipes in Roehampton for efficient rainwater removal

Roofing Repairs Roehampton

Create a weather tight roof covering by replacing missing or damaged roof tiles and slates

Repair To Flashing: Roehampton

Lead flashing around chimneys and roof joints sometimes cracks or works loose and needs to be repaired or replaced

Roehampton Roofing: Stripping Slate & Tile Roofs

Roof Stripping in Roehampton helps refurbish a roof ready for replacement without buying all new roof tiles; the old tiles are removed and new roofing felt and battens are fitted before replacing the best of your existing tiles

Roehampton Roofing: Replace Mortar for Ridge Tiles

Houses in Roehampton need the ridge tiles repointed or even removed and refitted as the tiles eventually work loose due to temperature changes and roof movement