Roofing Enquiries

Roof Hip Irons

Corroded Hip Iron

Replacement Hip Irons Staffordshire

Hipped roof tiles are fitted at the edges of 2 pitched roof faces and can fall to the ground if it wasn't for an angled hip iron stopping them; the hip irons eventually corrode and need replacing

Chimney Repairs

Architectural Salvage

Architectural Reclamation

Roof Reclamation Staffordshire

Reclaimed roofing materials are perfect when replacing damaged tiles so that weathering looks consistent

Architectural Reclamation

Roofing Materials

Builder's Merchants

Roofing Products Staffordshire

Roof material companies near Staffordshire supply most roofing materials for example slate effect tiles, roof trusses, roofing felt & skylight windows

Chimney Repairs

Roof Repairs: Staffordshire

Roofing repairs to refit loose roof tiles and slate tiles affected by wind or bad weather creating dampness

Staffordshire Roofing: Emergency Roof Repairs

Replace missing and slipped tiles to help maintain a weather tight roof covering

Staffordshire: Flat Roof Repairs

Repair flat felt roofs and garage roofs in Staffordshire by patching the roofing felt for an effective seal

Staffordshire Guttering: Gutter Repairs

Guttering repairs in Staffordshire to prevent dampness and moss growth caused by leaking gutters and drainpipes

Staffordshire Roofer: Roof Stripping and Recovering

Roof replacement in Staffordshire using your existing roof tiles: The roof is stripped bare before new roofing felt and battens are fitted and the good roof tiles are reused while weathered or damaged roof tiles are replaced

Refit Ridge Tiles: Staffordshire

Ridge tiles often come loose from their mortar bed and need to be removed and refitted with a new bed of mortar to maintain a rain resistant roof

Soffits,Fascias & Bargeboards: Staffordshire

Roofing services for Staffordshire: Soffit and Fascia repairs or full replacement cladding systems

Repair Lead Flashing: Staffordshire

Lead flashing around chimneys and roof joints sometimes cracks or works loose and needs to be repaired or replaced