Roofing Enquiries

Chimney Repairs

Lead Flashing Repairs

Chimney repairs Swanley

Repointing chimney stack and refitting chimney flashing to weatherproof the integrity of your chimney

Chimney Repairs

London Roofing


Roofing and Guttering Swanley

Gutter Repairs


New Gutters

Guttering Swanley

Professional roof repairs supplying and Fitting new guttering in Swanley BR8

New Gutters

Skylight Installation

Velux™ Windows

Skylight Windows Swanley

Loft windows fitted in Swanley homes to let in natural light in the loft

Window Fitting

Roof Repairs: Swanley

Roofing repairs to refit cracked roof tiles and slate tiles damaged by strong winds or wintery weather causing dampness

Swanley Roofing: Replace Mortar for Ridge Tiles

Loose ridge tiles rebedded using fresh mortar as part of the general roof maintenance in the Swanley area to help keep your roof weather tight

Swanley Guttering: Gutters & Drainpipes

Repairs to loose or damaged guttering & drainpipes in Swanley for efficient rainwater removal

Swanley Cladding, Soffits and Fascia

Soffits and Fascias Swanley; replace rotting or loose wooden fascias and soffits with low maintenance uPVC or keep to a traditional painted wood system

Slipped Roof Tiles Replaced Swanley

Slipped, cracked or missing roof tiles replaced in the Swanley area to help stop rain leaks

Swanley Roofing: Stripping Slate & Tile Roofs

Stripping old and tired slate or tiled roofs in Swanley allows for installing a new weatherproof roofing felt while replacing any rotting or damaged battens and rafters before replacing the existing tiles with fresh nails

Swanley: Roof Flashing

Lead flashing around chimneys and roof joints sometimes cracks or works loose and needs to be repaired or replaced

Repair To Flat Roof: Swanley

Houses in Swanley with flat roofs may need the felt patched or repaired to stop leaks caused by cracking or stone damage