Roofing Enquiries

Architectural Salvage

Architectural Reclamation

Roof Reclamation Tadworth

Recovered roofing materials are a great choice for matching missing tiles so that new tiles don't stand out

Architectural Reclamation

Roof Hip Irons

Corroded Hip Iron

Replacement Hip Irons Tadworth

Hip tiles on hipped roofs are fitted at the joint of 2 sloping roof faces and can fall to the ground if not an angled hip iron keeping them; the hip irons eventually loosen needing replacement

Chimney Repairs

Building Restoration

Building Restoration

Grade I & Grade II Listed Buildings

Repairs to a listed construction could need Approval if changes differ from the original structure, roof or roof colour

Chimney Repairs

Roof Repairs: Tadworth

Roofing repairs to replace loose roof tiles and slate affected by gusting winds and stormy weather causing leaks

Tadworth: Roof Repairs (Ridge Tiles)

Loose ridge tiles rebedded using fresh mortar as part of the general roof maintenance in the Tadworth area to help keep your roof weather tight

Tadworth Roofing: uPVC Soffits and Fascas

Roofing services for Tadworth: Soffit and Fascia repairs or full replacement cladding systems

New Guttering Tadworth

Repairs to loose or damaged guttering & drainpipes in Tadworth for efficient rainwater removal

Tadworth Roofing: Stripping Slate & Tile Roofs

Replacement roofs for Tadworth: The old roof is removed and weather-proofed with a new layer of waterproof roofing felt, new wood battens are fitted and the best of the old roof tiles are reused to save on roof replacement costs

Tadworth Roofing: Felt Roof Repairs

Repair flat felt roofs and garage roofs in Tadworth by patching the roofing felt for an effective seal

Tadworth: Roof Flashing

Lead flashing around chimneys and roof joints sometimes cracks or works loose and needs to be repaired or replaced

Roofing Repairs Tadworth

Keep out the rain and snow with regular roof maintenance by a Tadworth roofer to replace missing or damaged tiles