Roofing Enquiries

Skylight Installation

Velux™ Windows

Skylight Windows West Molesey

Skylight windows installed in West Molesey houses to let in light in the attic

Window Fitting

Chimney Repairs

Lead Flashing Repairs

Chimney repairs West Molesey

Chimney repointing and refitting chimney flashing to restore your chimney

Chimney Repairs

Building Restoration

Building Restoration

Grade I & Grade II Listed Buildings

Restoring a a listed building might need Approval if repairs are not in keeping with the existing structure, materials or roof colour

Chimney Repairs

Roof Repairs: West Molesey

Roof Repairs to replace missing cement tiles or slate tiles damaged by gusting winds and bad weather creating dampness

Repair To Flashing: West Molesey

Repairs to lead flashing on roofs, extensions and around chimneys in West Molesey for a long lasting seal

West Molesey Cladding, Soffits and Fascia

Replace old wooden soffits, fascia and cladding with low maintenance uPVC systems for a new roof line in West Molesey

Repair To Flat Roof: West Molesey

Houses in West Molesey with flat roofs may need the felt patched or repaired to stop leaks caused by cracking or stone damage

Roof Stripping and Replacement: West Molesey

Stripping old and tired slate or tiled roofs in West Molesey allows for installing a new weatherproof roofing felt while replacing any rotting or damaged battens and rafters before replacing the existing tiles with fresh nails

Repoint Ridge Tiles: West Molesey

Houses in West Molesey need the ridge tiles repointed or even removed and refitted as the tiles eventually work loose due to temperature changes and roof movement

West Molesey Gutter & Drainpipe Replacement

Gutter and drainpipe repairs for West Molesey; to install new guttering systems and simply replace or re-attach loose/damaged gutter or drainpipe sections

Roof Tiles Replaced West Molesey

Create a weather tight roof covering by replacing missing or damaged roof tiles and slates